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Introduction: I live in Vermont with my wife. We have sheep and dog(s). My hobbies include time lapse movies, photography, and brewing beer. He/him

COVID - Humor 

So Michael Flynn thinks the gubbernmint will put the COVID vaccine into salad dressing? Salad likely isn't high on anti-vaxers diet; so may I suggest Kraft Vax & Cheese or a Big Vax burger -- psst, it's the special sauce.

Two of Cups, representing union. Discovering a feeling is mutual.

has hertz ever done a promo with dunkin where renting a car gets you a hertz donut

Naming stadiums and theaters and shit after companies is tacky as fuck.

Flat Earthers 

Absolutely love this view from a football (soccer) blog I read:

β€œ[They have an] organisations chock full of members, and not one of them has attempted to prove the theory by … just going to the edge, and taking a picture. There isn’t even a single martyr for the cause, willing to walk all that way, then jumping off – β€˜Look ma, I’m in space!’ – what a bunch of timewasters.”


Me: WTF is that noise?

Oh, it's just my neighbor stopping by unannounced to grade my washed out driveway after the recent thunderstorms.

So lucky.

Shingles vaccine 

Day after getting first shingles vaccine jab feeling achy, lethargic and low-grade headache. Same side effects as my second coronavirus vaccine but less severe.

Anyway, it's been a stinker of a month so far and I've got a cat whose kidneys are starting to pack in, so anyone who wants to boost please do so. :)

A swine with a head full of stories
Spoke in dreams and high allegories
She wrote several down
And shared them around
But the geese thought the sex scenes were boring

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Google discovered 11 chrome vulnerabilities, 2 of which are active and in the wild right now.
Updates are being issued, so update immediately (or, switch to Firefox for even better protection)

#google #Chrome #Browsers #Security

ExpressVPN was not my FIRST choice to begin with, but they were top ten for me. Now they have been acquired by a company with an unscrupulous history.

#VPN #Privacy #Securiy #ExpressVPN

Musically inclined friends:

My current intellectual rabbit hole appears to be taking the form of a concertina.

I know nothing about them.

Deluge me with your wisdom, and hit me up if you have a spare one lying about.

Amateur Treasure Hunter Discovers Trove of Sixth-Century Gold Jewelry

"I had no idea, so all I could think of was that it looked like the lid of a can of herring."

Question for a friend: Best way to listen to audio books that isn't Amazon/Audible? It's also a specific book if that matters.

I don't listen to books often because I get easily distracted. This is to help a friend.

Having an energy audit done this morning. I am looking forward to the results but concerned that we won’t be able to find contractors to do whatever updates we decide need priority.

Dear future me: it’s because you had beets for dinner.

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