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Introduction: I live in Vermont with my wife. We have sheep and dog(s). My hobbies include time lapse movies, photography, and brewing beer. He/him

Silly-excited that Michael Palin is offering personalised signed copies of his books. Just got a notice that mine has shipped. Squee.

Is anyone else having challenges with plugin? I just noticed that my @view site stopped tooting in June and I haven't made any changes to the site other than updates to core and plugins. Halp?

news: jack dorsey is leaving twitter
me: lol
news: and being replaced by a guy who's even more of a bitcoin/"decentralization" advocate
me: lmao

Thanksgiving, food, omnivore (Bob's Burgers) 

In the immortal words of Linda Belcher:

Pass the cranberry sauce
We're having mashed potatoes
Ooh, the turkey looks great.

Thank you for loving me
Thank you for being there
Thank you for loving me
Everyone's thanking
The whole world's thanking you
Thanking us for thanking you

Kill the turkey.

Looks like the guru was able to varnish the server and the site is back.

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The Atlantic's website right now. Apparently they need a guru to mediate the varnishing of their cache server and that doing so may be forbidden?

@redoak we feel the same way about Hanover, NH as we do Burlington ;)

american thanksgiving discourse- 

super not enjoying the discourse this year that if you assemble with your community in any way this thursday, then you're willingly upholding the racist institutions of this country or whatever

I got fingerprint scanner locks for my house but I can't find a locksmith who'll make me a spare set of fingers.

Anyone know anyplace where people are talking about raising kids with FOSS both for games and to avoid advertiser supported media & social networking

I'm really tired of arranging calls through zoom via SMSing other parents.

I've been slowly trying to hack something together between #xmpp and #mumble.

preventative health 

Had one last bout of chills on Saturday evening, but not as bad as Friday. Feel myself again today.

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This message probably won't reach anyone in East Texas but I want to try.

My mom and sister are fostering 6 cats. They can't find anyone to adopt them and don't really have the means to care for as many pets as they have.

The cats were (thankfully) neutered by a cat humane society.

If you want a cat and you can meet in Mount Vernon, Mount Pleasant, Winnsboro, or even any surrounding towns, please get in touch with me.

preventative health 

Before bed had serious chills. Couldn’t get warm. Woke this morning feeling much better though.

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when i was a kid, i thought any guy over the age of 30 wearing a necktie had his shit together

now that i'm an adult, i see 60 year old US senators arguing with Sesame Street characters on twitter

preventative health 

Update: Shingles arm hurts a great deal. No pain in flu jab arm.

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preventative health 

Got my second shingles vaccine πŸ’‰ and a flu shot πŸ’‰ this morning. Busy weekend so hopefully no adverse side effects. 🀞

We're redesigning profiles and want your feedback! Let us know what you think about this design and how we can improve it.

Boosts + feedback are greatly appreciated, the smallest gestures can have the biggest impact, and we are forever grateful for people like you! ❀️

#pixelfed #pixeldev #feedbackWanted #activitypub

My son was just logged out of his Minecraft account on his tablet then after logging back in all of his worlds (the ones he's built in) are gone. He can create new ones from the things he's purchased (still available in his account) but all his work with eg xor gates is gone.

I've looked at the file system from my laptop and I can't find anything other than what it shows in app (iow: I can't find the old worlds).


Things I do that make the dog think I am getting off my butt and taking him for a walk:
* brush my teeth
* put on real trousers
* take off my slippers by the back door

This is an incomplete list.

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