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Introduction: I live in Vermont with my wife. We have sheep and dog(s). My hobbies include time lapse movies, photography, and brewing beer. He/him

Twitter - NFT 

I was really hoping that this was for some sort of fundraiser or charity; but it doesn't appear to have an altruistic value. Therefore, is further proof that there are some dumb effin' people in the world with more money than sense.

Headline: "Jack Dorsey: Bids reach $2.5m for Twitter co-founder's first post"

Fediverse friends and followers from around the world, I have a huge favor to ask!

If you are out for a walk or drive and you spot a payphone, would you mind sending me a photo of it? (DMs are always open) I will feature it on my #100DaysOfPayphone thread over on the birdsite and of course give you credit.

When I started this a couple of weeks ago I didn't realize all of my old photos from before 2018 are gone, which means the hundreds of old phone photos I had taken at one point are also gone. But maybe this opens an opportunity to see payphones from around the globe.

This could be a payphone that you spot in the wild that still exists (thank God there are still some of those out there) or it could be a photo you took in the past of a phone that may or may not be there anymore. But please, let me see your payphones!

If you have photos of other cool phone equipment or phones that aren't payphones, they won't work for the #100DaysOfPayphones thread, but I encourage you to send them my way as well. Phone related stories? I'd love to hear them! Please help me spread this around the world!

All payphones are acceptable, but I especially encourage you to send in any photos you have of payphones from countries other than the US or phones that are unique in some way. Also, PLEASE boost this toot and help me get this call for help out there! Thank you! 📞

If you have a Reddit account, go here:

Scroll down to privacy options

Untick "let other users see my online status"

Click save

They apparently _just_ added this and opted everyone in without consent.

This is my Great Grandfathers Negro League card. On the back it gives the story on how he could’ve been the first black player to integrate baseball. It also tells you why he was not

I just found out David Byrne runs a positive news website. Good for him.

Noted Person Death 

I am just learning that Victor Ambrus passed away in mid-February. An amazing artist, but I am only familiar with the illustrations he did as part of Time Team.


whew. spent some time with a pick ax carving channels in the high snow/ice banks along the driveway so the drive doesn't wash away as we move into mud season.

Alcohol boycott! Read if you drink beer 

The Molson company is locking its workers out of the brewery after rejecting their final demands. Do not buy Blue Moon, Carling, Killian's, Granville Island, Hamm's, Hop Valley, Leinenkugel's, Miller High Life, Miller Lite, Milwaukee's Best, Molson, Urquell, Steel Reserve or Terrapin beers

Now that's impressive: An Easter egg hidden in video from another planet.

COVID Vaccines for the Less Fortunate (Boosts Welcome) 

The Gavi COVAX AMC is the innovative financing instrument that will support the participation of 92 low- and middle-income economies in the COVAX Facility – enabling access to donor-funded doses of safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines.

"Discovering the source photos for The Beatles' 1967 album Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band"


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