Looking for an app to accurately measure walking distances. Map My Walk seems inconsistent in that I can walk the same route (footprints in snow!) and get wildly different results. Requirement: iOS Please boost.

Trying Walkmeter, which looks a lot like Map My Walk. Maybe I will run them together and see how close/far they are.

@scully If you have an Apple Watch, take a look at either the #NikeTrainingClub app or the stock iOS #Activity app. I think the latter might have what you’re looking for.

@rd The only Apple device I don’t have is a Watch :)

I used to be a watch junkie when I was younger (Casio, etc) and then I found I was constantly glancing at it, and making myself too aware of the passing of time. I haven’t worn a watch in 20 years now. And as much as I fancy the Apple Watch I am not quite ready. However, as I am getting older I find the health monitors intriguing.

@scully I hear you. I avoided their watches for the first few generations and then got one in 2019. It’s been incredibly useful for monitoring exercise-related goals. The Activity app will let you track duration and distance of walks with heart rate monitoring as well.

@rd Also, I have expensive tastes. I keep pricing out the watch I want and it gets up there quick. Living on a farm, I want more than the aluminum version, and am concerned with keeping it clean when I work around hay and manure. I have a hard time with big ticket purchases :)

@scully Competely understand. You want it to look nice and be durable for sure. I bought one of the aluminum models (slate grey I suppose it's called) but swapped out the silicon band for a full-grain leather one I picked up from a company in Texas. Best upgrade ever.

@scully Those are some really nice straps. Check out Arrow & Board ( for some of their ones too. So nice.

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