My phone is having some kind of breakdown, I'm not even kidding. It's throwing notification sounds like nobodys bussines. But there are no notifications..

This is to the point where Ebba said "make it stop" and "shut it up"

I know it's a notification because the notification volume slider is the only way to shut it up right now..

Restart fixed it, but that's not the kind of fix I like.. Doesn't explain it 🤔 😕

It restarted after a couple of minutes.. It's been going for almost an hour now 😓

I have turned the volume down to 0 får notifications. Not ideal.

@deneb Wish I could show you, I have a video but it's too large for mastodon..

I feel like this should be something I made up since I've been thinking of replacing this.. But it's not.

@scully @deneb Yeah, I'm not registering with a third party and uploading to some random server just to send a file to a friend. At that point I might as well use email, or ask what IM they prefer.. Or even upload and link to my own server 🤷‍♀️

@openess perfectly reasonable.

Didn't mean to poke my nose in. As @deneb (hopefully!) will tell you, I just try to be helpful -- and am quite aware of how that can be perceived by strangers especially with cis white males like myself. So even more sorry as we haven't been introduced!

I know there are challenges with most sharing methods either security or file size (or both).

Please accept my apologies and good luck! ☮️

@scully @deneb I've seen you around. You seem nice, I guess I'm just not having a great day with my phone 🤔

advice is great. I mean, it's usually better when asked for, but still usually good.

In my mind your comment read like I don't know how to send things over the internet, but I guess you didn't mean it like that 👍


@openess @deneb A reasonable assumption -- not that I am nice (I am) -- but that I'm another guy mansplaining things. That was MY Bad. Sorry.

I don't like to assume, & so I will offer advice with good intention. When I ask questions here I find it easier to ignore the "known" advice I *expect* to get in the *hopes* that someone will tell me something that I didn't know.

HOWEVER, that is privilege, and I am aware of that. And I should have known better. Mea culpa.

Thanks for your kind reply.

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@scully @openess I heart you both, I’m glad this got sorted out.

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