Can anyone help me figure out what sort of wireless access point I can use to extend wifi to my barn? I have pretty good signal there now since I upgraded to a new Asus ZenWifi mesh system. I have been looking at Ubiquiti Unifi products, but not sure what I need; including what PoE options for a very cold climate.

Difficulty level: I am not dumb, but tune out on jargon. I need something simple.

Plan is to set up camera in barn for monitoring sheep since we no longer have guard animal.

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@scully i don't do this professionally or anything but depending on your level of literacy open source is always nice:


What do you need in the barn in terms of client devices - one WiFi camera, a dozen of them?

@kravietz I plan to repurpose a PoE HikVision camera I already have.


If it's just a single PoE, why not long Ethernet cable from wherever the main Internet connection is? Because you still need the PoE cable, so why not send data over it?

Ubiquity is fun but expensive and in addition to the transmitter you also need a computer (read: RaspberryPi) to run controller on. Mesh generally make only sense when you have a number of these, repeating signal between them, not just a single one.

@kravietz because it is 700 feet away from the router and not an option.

@scully Ah ok, but you do have power in the barn? In such case I'd just go for a directional WiFi antenna (like Yagi) on both ends. No need to top class, 200 m is nothing unusual for WiFi bridges. On both ends you can use TP-Link or OpenWrt WiFi access points, even the cheap ones, you just need one in Access Point mode, the other in WiFi client mode. Chances are it would even worth with directional antenna on the house, but signal may be patchy during fog etc so when you need monitoring most.

@kravietz I have power and a very strong wifi signal. Thanks.


Fantastic place!

I guess Yagi on the barn should do the job, especially if you have strong AP on the house.

@scully For simple, you may want to stick with Asus ZenWifi to get from the house to the barn since it will probably self-configure with your existing gear. I have Unifi access points and cameras on PoE. It looks like Asus Zen mesh products have RJ45 ports. For a single camera, a PoE injector matched to the camera power will get the power you need, However, for 2+ cameras you might want a UniFi Switch with the matching PoE power type for the camera (must check specs).

@scully Oh, and since it is for monitoring sheep, you probably need an IR range extender light ring. because they need more IR for long distances at night.

@philvuchetich I just recently installed the Asus ZenWiFi AX which is how I am able to get a signal at the barn. Thanks for the advice!

The current camera does a pretty good job with IR over distance (check the 24-hour time-lapse for example), and the barn is small.

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