Thoughts on words - possibly unpopular 

People think that "evolve" means to improve, and that simply by evolving the human race is getting better. The word means to change gradually, and humans are racing to the bottom. They are evolving, but not (necessarily) improving.

People also use the word "influencer" as if it means that people dubbed that are doing something good; they usually aren't. In most case headlines can swap in "idiot" for "influencer" and not change the meaning of the story.

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Thoughts on words - possibly unpopular 

@scully We do have words like de-evolve or regress, but that just describes something moving backwards. Someone can move forward in the wrong way, as you say.

Influencers these days are almost aways bad or superficial and that's a shame. It's a term mostly for businesses or individuals looking to profit from it.

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