I need to share a 5GB file. What's my best option for doing so that is not Dropbox?

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@scully When you say "not dropbox" do you mean all dropbox and dropbox like programs (Gdrive, Onedrive, ect) or specifically just not Dropbox?

@sexybenfranklin not Dropbox because 1) I am at my device limit and 2) free version only does 2GB. I won't use Google, so good question, and sorry I didn't mention that.

@sexybenfranklin I am leaning toward FTP, but want to know if there are other/better options.

@scully How quickly do you need to get the file to the other person? Do they live close, or are they far away?

@scully Okay so no sneakernets. Yeah FTP will probably be the only option, given your other constraints.

@scully Alternative, if *they* have a high capacity cloud storage service, they could create a folder and give you edit access to that folder to upload the document to. I do this all the time when contractors don't want to send me documents over email.

@scully is down, iirc, most people use wetransfer or similar services. Maybe look out for the plugins that avoid attachments (filelink?) and the recommended services, there might be something useful. Someone wrote fex* for that, but I never used it. Plain split with 'split' or chunks with 7z, if necessary. Some Windows filesystems may not handle such a "big" file....

@marwe Thank you. wetransfer has the same 2GB limit for free accounts as Dropbox. Not interested in paying to do this. I will ask the receive if they have an option otherwise good ole FTP methinks. thanks again

@marwe and closed in case you weren't aware. At least that's what I read.

@scully yep, service cancelled, but some people have forked the source code at least. Maybe it can be easily set up on own instances one day.
Ah, has a docker for quick test. #notetoself

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