Mentally preparing myself to get on an airplane in a few hours.

@scully I flew last week for the first time. Once I got over seeing that many people in one place, it was surprisingly efficient and I felt like it went pretty well overall. Good luck!

@deneb I have to take lorazepam even in non-pandemic times just to get on a plane. Thankfully this is a short flight.

Thanks for the thoughts.

@scully I hope it went well! I feel like the shortest flights are the worst because you just ascend and then immediately descend, and I get motion sick very easily. The entire flight is a constant shift in g. So I spend the entire short flight very nauseous. I hope that was not the case for you!

@deneb still waiting at gate. One delay. No plane at the gate. It isn’t boding well :)

@deneb plane at gate. Deplaning those passengers now … 6 mins before our flight is scheduled.

Took my meds anyway :)

@deneb I didn’t offer my condolences on your losses when you first mentioned them but I was thinking of you and your friend.

@scully Exciting but I can feel your dilemma. Where are you off to?!

@rd Chicago. Helping my wife settle her late uncle’s estate who died in November. Cleaning his condo,etc.

Then driving back with a stop for a few days in western Pennsylvania for my uncles 91st birthday. 17 hours of driving over two legs.

@scully Sorry for the loss. I’m sure the flight will feel like it did during earlier times, and I hope the drive back goes smoothly too. You’ll have a lot of beautiful lakeside views on the way back I’m sure.

@rd I have a flying phobia which I take narcotics to try and placate :)

@scully Oh, that must not be fun. I’m sure the flight will go smoothly 👊🏽

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