Question for a friend: Best way to listen to audio books that isn't Amazon/Audible? It's also a specific book if that matters.

I don't listen to books often because I get easily distracted. This is to help a friend.

@scully Is this a file that they already have, and just need an app/player to listen to it? Do they have a device they need it to work on?

@rd they want to buy the audio book and dont have it. They know how to listen to it but they aren’t sure how to go about getting it on a device without using Amazon or Audible.

They may have access to the author — this is a discord server convo — so hopefully the author can help. But I am trying to help as well.

@scully I see. I notice that there are tools that can be used to convert audiobooks, including Amazon’s proprietary format to something more universal, like MP3. Once that’s done, it can be shared to a non-Amazon device, phone, table, etc. for listening. Boosting this for more visibility.


@rd I have heard this but not seen it. Neither of us wants to short change the author. That’s the challenge methinks.

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