Alcohol - Craft Beer (Untappd) 

Does anyone know of any good alternatives to Untappd (iOS)?

I use it exclusively as a way to keep track of what beers I have tried, liked, disliked, etc, but it has come to my attention that they are ... ignoring/disrespecting... women who are speaking out WRT to the bro culture of the craft beer industry.

I know I can just keep a note handy, but it's database of breweries and beers is extensive and useful.

Please boost. Thanks.

Web 2 2 3

Alcohol - Craft Beer (Untappd) 

An extra later of difficulty: I won't support AB InBev (Rate Beer) or any other products from Untappd's parent company, Next Glass.

Alcohol - Craft Beer (Untappd) 

@scully I once reached out to them to see if I could get access to their API because I was sure I could do a better UI than theirs. Crickets.

I used a wonderful app for sharing beer choices that was like an Instagram feed. It was eventually shut down, but it was awesome while it lasted.

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