Clothing Question 

I need a new pair of hardy work trousers. My Carhartt's are falling apart at the seems, and I want to know if I have other options. I want tough but also as ethically -- and locally/close -- made as possible. Suggestions? US/Vermont

Thank you.

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Clothing Question 

@scully i'm told the patagonia work-wear stuff (very clearly a "we're doing a carhartt" kind of move by them) is well built, and although i expect to be disillusioned sooner or later because it doesn't seem like there can possibly be such thing as an ethical large clothing company, it seems like they're often held up as doing better than most on sustainability and labor.

Clothing Question 

@brennen @scully I love the Patagonia stuff (I've used their overalls and aprons). Duer is pretty good too, but not sure where they are (Canada somewhere?)

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