Happy Gotcha Day to our bestest boi, Leopold Regulus, who joined our pack 5 years ago today.

Does this drawing — from cover of Spinning Silver novel by Naomi Novak — look like a particular celebrity to you? If so, who?

Hummingbird feeder hack to try and keep the ants out. There is water in the yogurt cup creating a moat. Prototype 1.


For the first since I started using the app I reached my (modest) daily steps goal for 7 days in a row… and 9/10

COVID - vaccinated! 

First day officially fully vaccinated. Treated myself to some donuts and picked up some local maple breakfast and goat sausages.

Photo -tree and fungus 

Anyone know what this fungus(?) is? Found on the inside of an ancient ash tree in Vermont. It’s very bright green for sure!

Drugs - Cannabis 

Attempting cannabutter for the first time. With such a bumper crop last year; why not.

Thankfully the sheep are all fine and the barn’s water is flowing. Brrrr

In Celsius that’s -17.4 with a windchill “feels like” of -24.4.

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