@scully not yet! I get home in about an hour and a half

@checkervest I think he looks like a man trying to do the Heimlich method on himself and is hoping he gets it right.

dating personal ad 

Hi fedi! I’m Ethan (he/him). I’m looking for dates, and, hopefully, a partner eventually. Are you…

β€’ between ~25 and ~35 years old?
β€’ located within ~2 hours (by car) of Blue Ridge, Georgia, usa?
β€’ single or otherwise available?
β€’ into guys?
β€’ some flavor of anti-capitalist and/or anti-imperialist?
β€’ a practitioner of radical kindness?

If so, consider replying to this post or DMing me! I’ll include more info about myself and some photos in the next toot.

dating personal ad 

@Ethancdavenport Good luck! Should have led with the photo of the dog! DOGGOS!

@Pixley @deneb How can one suffer for their art if they don't do it while living in a sh*thole?

@cdevroe ok. I keep meaning to do so. I used to follow Brent Simmons in the early blogging days.

@cdevroe Yeah, Tried that but I split my time between iMac and MBP.

@cdevroe I haven't tested to see if it is a Feedly issue or NetNewsWire. Thanks.

On a more serious note, people need to understand that some of the reasons why something works for them may be the exact same reasons why something *doesn't* work for someone else.

@cdevroe Do you ever have spinning beachball issues with NetNewsWire when switching between feeds? It's still the best, but sometimes it can take 20+ seconds to switch feeds.

I am stuck on 14. It is both fun and infuriating sometime. Deffo addictive.

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@Pixley My wife remembers mine. I have no clue. But she did wish me a happy entering into Aquarian (mid-Feb b-day for me) period this morning.

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