@JonathanGerlach ahhh. Lived there for many many years. I hope there aren’t any outstanding warrants for me.

No one on my feed is discussing that. Which is why I was confused.

@autumn Oh. The title and descriptions I saw didn't make it obvious. The title kinda makes me cringe TBH.

Partner refuses to ever watch/read reviews or watch trailers, so I usually rely on other people for yeah/nay reviews :)

[I try to sneak peeks at trailers, etc and only answer if asked "Do you know what this is about?" ;) ]

@autumn Thanks. One last (awkward) question: Is adoption ever seriously discussed as an option for the couple in the storyline?

@autumn My partner and I are the same wrt consuming media. Your thoughts on "Trying"? As childless-by-choice couple we weren't sure what to make of it by description.

In mastodon, I seem not to be able to look up users I'm following if the remote server is down. The "follows and followers" advanced interface probably lists this user, but you can't search there. This means I can't unfollow zombie users through the UI. The unfollow API takes a local user ID which cannot be guessed based on remote acct, so I think I need to loop over everyone I'm following to find the mapping.
Before I go writing some crummy python, am I missing a way to do this through the UI?

@TheoEsc for young people "lol" is a full stop/period ... lol


I believe the only reason Sean H*nnity and other Faux News talking heads are pushing for vaccines now is because they finally realise they are losing viewers/voters.

@brownpau her presence was insurance to keep me from thinking “I hope it doesn’t land”

@sexybenfranklin we enjoyed the librarians too. Not sure we finished it though. I should check.

@sexybenfranklin the original or this latest version? Loved the original. Plan to watch the new one soon.

"Logon" is derived from the Greek "logos" ("speech") because when people log on they forget how to shut the fuck up

@nobody it has been broken for a few weeks. But more obvious yesterday as I changed back to the old camera. The old abandoned software (EvoCan) could’t keep up with new camera. All should be good tomorrow moving forward.

Up at an unreasonable hour to drive 10+ hours. But at least we’ll be home soon. Wish us luck. 🤞🏼

@deneb @Pixley I think they just dropped some change and are looking for it. :P

My wife wanted waffles for breakfast so we drove to a place that advertises itself as the best breakfast in town (pop. 7,874) only to find they don't have real maple syrup. So we switched to savory food. Bummer. Even worse was the coffee was shite.

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