@ItsTheManOnTheMoon There's an update to the Monty Python spam skit. IPA, IPA, IPA. What about this one? It only has a bit of IPA in it?

@_cr0_tab I listen to "No Such Thing as a Fish," "Off Menu" and "Ologies." All excellent podcasts.


@ItsTheManOnTheMoon really? No one in your area doing traditional ales? CAMRA-ish stuff? Marzen? Farmhouse? Porters?

Now I'm curious what style(s) you do like!

We have had an unseasonable Autumn with still no sign of a frost. The sheep will not be on pasture much longer and therefore not as close to the camera as they are on Saturday, 16 October. The rain meant we didn’t get our big hay delivery; hopefully that will happen this week.

Announcing Meme It So! It's a Star Trek The Next Generation Meme and GIF Generator, inspired by Frinkiac.

It has every line of dialogue spoken on STTNG tied to screencaptures. Which makes it good for looking up lines as well.

@robin And on Friday I will be pulling for an Arsenal win. No offense ;)

Death: Personal 

Rest well, my dear Aunt Bernice. You had a good, long life but will be missed by many. Strength to my Uncle Joe, my cousin Stephanie and all of Bernice’s beloved grandchildren.

Was excited that it is Friday evening only to remember that we have watched all the Ted Lasso there is … so is it even Friday at all?

Happy Gotcha Day to our bestest boi, Leopold Regulus, who joined our pack 5 years ago today.

My friend just put out a really chill music video, she did all the animations herself! Check it out!

Boosts appreciated!

Food: Non-Veg 

Sorry, not sorry. Ok, maybe a little sorry.

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Food: Non-Veg 

I ate sooo much pork bulgogi. oof.

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