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Cloud provider #Amazon Web Services continues to host controversial social media platform #Parler, despite mounting calls to drop the haven for hate speech.

USPOL - Free Speech 

This is the one xkcd comic I have permanently bookmarked:

I'm just thinking about this blog post I wrote in 2018. Because even when Twitter makes a good decision, the first sentence comes to mind: Why does the entire world have to wait on the CEO of one US company to make a decision?

I need help from someone who hosts a #peertube instance: I need some help to make the #activitypub #wordpress plugin #peertube compatible. #followerpower

Thank-you all for coming. In keeping with the rights and responsibilities of my office I am humbled and privileged to declare today, on what would have been David Bowie's 74th birthday, #BowieDay here in the Fediverse. Please observe this most auspicious occasion by rounding up the packet-sniffers and engaging in such moon-age daydreams and freak-outs as is appropriate. And on a personal note, if you are feeling low, remember to intone the sacred words, "I am the great I Am."

Some #music for a Friday — #NowPlaying #TheRoots “Distortion to Static” from the ‘94 album “Do You Want More?”

We're hiring! Seeking a "Digital Marketing Manager" at the Internet Society to manage and execute marketing campaigns across multiple channels (including social) in support of our vision of an Internet for everyone. Learn more and apply:

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am i like the only person who remembers this / archive

this is what i have been thinking about re: all the discourse in the wake of the attempted coup in washington, with people openly lying and most everyone else taking them at face value as if they were using words to say things and not simply making mouth hole noises while being fascist

Never forget that the Freedom of the Press is the very first part of the Bill of Rights. If you're out on the street claiming to defend the Constitution, the way you do that is by protecting reporters, not attacking them. Even if you hate the media, anything less is un-American.

re WhatsApp. The new rules are completely illegal in the EU. GDPR says you cannot restrict access to a service by forcing people to accept terms for their data unrelated to the running of the service e.g. for advertising.


I think that Sec Rodham Clinton was being kind when she referred to these folks as “deplorables.”


More than ever, I am embarrassed by and for my country.


I have not heard a word about COVID or masks over the last hour I have listened to C-SPAN. This is also now a superspreader event. These people need to be monitored — while being processed for attempting to overthrow the US government.

USPOL - humor 

Has either Dump or Pence unfollowed the other on Twitter yet?


Bet Pence breaks with Dump now. Fucking rats, the lot.

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