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Seeing people muting posts with the word 'linux' in makes me sad, and mad at the people who are the reason other folk are doing that in the first place. You catch more flies with honey than vinegar, and all that. Let people use what they want to use for whatever reason they want to use it, and their reasons are none of your business unless they specifically ask for input. Barging into threads with 'you should just use linux' is shit elitism.

Brewing alcohol kinda 

Having a friend who recently found he can’t drink alcohol over to brew a non-alcohol beer with/for him.

You can find local Mastodon instances around the world using the "Mastodon Near Me" project at:

Click on map icons to see more details about local instances.

You can add instances via the project's git at or by messaging the project's leader at @jaz

#MastoTips #Mastodon #FediTips #Fediverse #Instances #MastodonNearMe #Regional #Local

Teens Flock To New App Where They Just Enter Own Personal Data Into Form

omg this is so cool, a dinosaur found almost perfectly preserved.

"The creature’s skin, armor, and even some of its guts were intact – something they’d never seen before. ... the preservation was so good that researchers were able to tell the dinosaur’s skin color by using mass spectrometry techniques to detect the actual pigments"

Medical - Not Bad 

There is a photo of the stone IF anyone is interested. :)

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Medical - Not Bad 

Update: was in and out of the surgery in 45 mins and just had a pain-free dinner!

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Medical - Not Bad 

I politely protested, but took the appointment and asked to be alerted if there was a cancelation. Reception called back less than an hour later after the doctor looked at X-rays and scheduled me to come in this afternoon.

Thank goodness.


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Medical - Not Bad 

Went to dentist yesterday after a few days of pain and was diagnosed with a salivary stone. Dentist tried to get it out unsuccessfully and called in a referral to an oral surgeon with a suggestion they see me ASAP. Called oral surgeon's office first thing this morning and reception said they couldn't get me in until 3 Sept and that would be for the consolation. 1/2

YT rant 

I get an email from YT when I *start* a live stream on YouTube but not one when the stream dies/stops for any reason. I *know* when I start the damn stream, what I want is an alert when the stream stops so I can minimize downtime.

OK so, what if:

You're a newly printed little 3D creature in a world where sentient machines work in harmony with the natural world to cultivate organic life. You get a moddable vehicle that you can use to travel from place to place where you help various bots and creatures with tasks, and in return they upgrade your software and hardware to make your life a bit easier. You learn to gather resources that you use to build modules on your vehicle that facilitate your work. Art in this style:

If you want to make this game for me I will give you all of the art and all of the words and I'll pay to put it on Steam and we can share all the phat lewt we make XD

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I got lucky and was able to view a Monarch butterfly emerge from its chrysalis today.

Signalise is a platform co-op that enables users to request and book interpreting services. Its democratically owned by deaf people, health staff and interpreters. This year they raised £330,000 pounds of investment in a crowdfunding campaign, exceeding their target by 10%.

It has now won the bid to become the main service provider for sign language interpreter services for the National Health Service in Liverpool, the fifth largest city in the country.

@chartier Thanks for the 3-finger tap tip! Never would have found that on my own ... and yet I can accidentally turn on my flashlight anytime.

GoatsLive is all about a pair of goats living on a farm, you can follow at:

➡️ @GoatsLive

They also have a website at which includes a live feed of what the goats are up to.

#Goats #Goat #LiveStream #WebCam #Pets #Animals #Farm #Fun

Hummingbird feeder hack to try and keep the ants out. There is water in the yogurt cup creating a moat. Prototype 1.

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