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Food - vegan 

Listening to Italian opera whilst making pasta sauce … as one does.

I don't use the Instagram app on the tablet to browse much, because the web app doesn't show me ads. But occasionally when I'm posting, I scroll a little and, because it's somehow decided I'm Carl, I get to see whatever he's been shopping for lately. Today it was the locking delivery boxes that he was looking up a couple days ago.

I mean, I'm sure it knows we're married (the tablet/IG account are for my business but it's a sole proprietorship so...) but it's still an interesting privacy leak.

Just learned that the words "cannabis", "ganja", and "hemp" all derive from the same ancient etymological root, just via different pathways of language development.


Refuse Line!

I have been trying to untangle myself from them mostly because they insist on sending huge, wasteful catalogs, but I recently learned there are other reasons to avoid them: Tr*mpian politics

The link above has links to alternatives in case you are looking.

ahhhh yes, it is once again Sunday morning in Sundogistan and that means #jazz

this week, we'll be going in a slightly different direction than usual as my mind's ear wants to hear those classic jazz tropes we know and love so well, but maybe applied to some songs that don't usually get the respect that the more standard standards receive, mainly due to the original recordings not being classified as jazz hardly ever. luckily we have access to the ultimate technology for exploring this space: the Postmodern Jukebox.

so, if some newish songs being done all wrong is something that might make your day turn out right, feel free to follow along over on @nowplaying or streaming all day long at

:blobpats: :cofepats: :blobpats:

Food - non vegan 

Making roasted aubergine/eggplant and crispy roasted new potatoes with basil to go with a slaw and burgers. All local meat and veg.

Brrrr. Downright chilly today after days of heat advisories. I’ll take it.

It's that time of the year again.

I've been using Linux for about 30 years. Mine was the first installation, given Linus didn't install it on his computer, he grew it on top of an existing Minix install, replacing it piecemeal.

My first contribution is over 30 years ago, about April, 1991, the sprintf (now snprintf) function in the kernel.

It's been a fun ride.

Seeing people muting posts with the word 'linux' in makes me sad, and mad at the people who are the reason other folk are doing that in the first place. You catch more flies with honey than vinegar, and all that. Let people use what they want to use for whatever reason they want to use it, and their reasons are none of your business unless they specifically ask for input. Barging into threads with 'you should just use linux' is shit elitism.

Brewing alcohol kinda 

Having a friend who recently found he can’t drink alcohol over to brew a non-alcohol beer with/for him.

You can find local Mastodon instances around the world using the "Mastodon Near Me" project at:

Click on map icons to see more details about local instances.

You can add instances via the project's git at or by messaging the project's leader at @jaz

#MastoTips #Mastodon #FediTips #Fediverse #Instances #MastodonNearMe #Regional #Local

Teens Flock To New App Where They Just Enter Own Personal Data Into Form

omg this is so cool, a dinosaur found almost perfectly preserved.

"The creature’s skin, armor, and even some of its guts were intact – something they’d never seen before. ... the preservation was so good that researchers were able to tell the dinosaur’s skin color by using mass spectrometry techniques to detect the actual pigments"

Medical - Not Bad 

There is a photo of the stone IF anyone is interested. :)

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Medical - Not Bad 

Update: was in and out of the surgery in 45 mins and just had a pain-free dinner!

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