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Food (non vegan) 

I do small favors for friends and they pay me back (they don’t have to) with bagels, cream cheese, and pastrami-smoked salmon from NYC.

Celebrity Death at 85-years-old 

Rest well, Dean Stockwell. Hope your leap to the next realm is a smooth one.

Sports ball 

Come on Arsenal!

Started the season 0-3 with a combined score of 0-9 and in last (20th) place. Since then, 10 unbeaten, 5th place and goal differential of 0.

I just learned this week that you can make any subreddit an RSS feed by simply appending .rss to the URL

Can someone help me please? Trying to find people I can follow here. If you're interested in tech, information security and related topics, would you mind following me? Wanna make some friends here.


Any good Mastodon follow recommendations? Looking for creatives, artists, photographers, builders, makers, movers and shakers. :)

How to Practice Self-care Based on the Wheel of the year:

Everyone could use a little self-care, This article takes the Pagan wheel of the year, and uses it as a guide, to give you idea's on how to take care of yourself

#Pagan #Wiccan #selfCare #SelfHelp #WheelOfTheYear #llewellyn

facebook is gonna rebrand as "metaverse" or "meta" or something imperial roman like "ave"

FAANG is an outdated acronym; Facebook is Meta and Google is Alphabet, so now it's MAAAN

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Cows can be toilet trained in a "mooloo", potentially allowing their urine to be captured, reducing carbon emissions and ammonia water pollutions:

If Soylent Green happened today I think the most outrage we'd see is people strongly recommending that the people-killing division and the people-processing division be split into separate companies to encourage competition and keep prices low.

Tracking "After the Disco" by Broken Bells while my partner and MiL chat about tarot downstairs.

Love this LP.

I have browser-based jigsaw puzzles on my site that have my mandala artwork on them - if you're looking for a calming activity to unwind with :)

Heat came on today for the first time this season. (25 October @ 4:45pm)

cold and rainy, but still took the dog for a 2 mile walk. Now it's time for a hot cuppa tea.

Need help finding ideal external USB webcam for my partner. She needs a camera with sharp image, good light adjustment and the ability to focus on her face as well as anything she holds up to the camera. Mic is less important. Must work with Mac M1 devices. Budget isn't (too) much of an issue. Please advise and boost. Thanks.

For the last time: "crypto" is short for "cryptography", *NOT* "cryptocurrency". The shorter term for "cryptocurrency" is "scam".

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